Since January 2007, interested citizens, with the assistance of the five governmental entities have worked to create a sustainable, community economic development effort that can represent the needs and values of the entire Montezuma County geographic region. The five government entities set economic development priorities and the Stakeholders Group, led by a Steering Team, meet monthly to update the mission, illustrate vision, guiding principles, by-laws, and funding plan.

MCEDA is a public/private partnership promoting and coordinating development efforts in Montezuma County. The MCEDA Board of Directors is comprised of 5 governmental agencies, 7 business and 3 at-large seats. For more information on MCEDA meeting and activities visit us at our next MCEDA meetings and activities, come visit us on the second Tuesday of each month, 3:00 pm at the Axis Health facility, 691 E. Empire St. in Cortez. Economic knowledge and information are keys to better business and personal decision making. MCEDA endeavors to provide economic information and assistance that is informative and valuable for businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies or personal enterprise. Scroll through our site and then give us a call.

Let us help you, we are dedicated to strengthening our regional economy.



To provide support for new & expanding economic opportunities throughout Montezuma County in order to nurture a diverse, local, year round economy that enhances the needs, values, and quality of life of our communities.  To provide opportunities for future generations to prosper in Southwest Colorado.